Ductless Mini-Split


Premium Ductless Mini-Split Systems

If better energy efficiency, individual zoning, quiet operation, minimal fabrication and construction, and year-round, whole home comfort are all benefits you would like to have in your climate control system, think of a ductless mini-split system. Call All Service Air Conditioning & Heating for senior and military discounts.
As the name implies, these small, discrete systems use an outdoor pump and indoor fan system to quietly cool or warm one room or your entire property with ease.

Perfect for Retrofitting Your Home

Chances are your property already has a functioning climate control system. In that case, a mini-split system offers you the option of getting that added comfort in a problem area, without investing in an entire central air system!

More Efficient Than Central Air

Mini-split systems typically boast less than 5% cooling loss when compared to 40% loss of traditional forced-air systems. That means you get better comfort with a drastically smaller monthly energy bill - saving you money year-round!

Individual, Automated Comfort in Every Room

Because mini-split systems offer the option of individual room zoning, you can control the comfort level in every part of your home, avoiding the cost of heating or cooling that spare bedroom or large and seldom-occupied dining room.
Coupled with our industry-leading programmable digital thermostats, you can transform your home into a modern smart home! Your new thermostat will automatically adjust the comfort level in each room based on time of day and temperature - and you never need to touch the dial! This ensures consistent comfort only when needed, saving you money.
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We only install Daikin and Mitsubishi systems for their advanced R32 refrigerant and ultra-efficient single- or mutli-split system options. Be comfy for less today!
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